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Jul 23, 2021

Watching someone's healthy deteriorate is hard, but it is much harder when it's your own family.  Dr. Eric Jensen is joined by Dr. Matt Scott as he tells the story of his mother and her cognitive decline.  How can you prevent this from happening to you?  What can be done if you already suspect it has begun?

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Jul 9, 2021

People seek out The Wellness Way for all ends of reasons.  Dr. Jesse, Dr. Jenn, and Dr. Ashley talk healthy about some interesting cases they have seen and how The Wellness Way was able to get their healthy back under control and get their lives back.

Jul 9, 2021

Most people think of breast cancer as a worry exclusive to women.  Dr. Veronica De La Cruz talks healthy to Dr. Jesse and Dr. Zach about how breast cancer is becoming in more common in men and how she handled the diagnosis in a patient of hers.

Jun 28, 2021

Happy Father's Day, everyone!  Join Dr. Zach and Dr. Jenn talking healthy with THE Dr. Jason Nobles.

Jun 18, 2021

As we all emerge from our Winter hideouts and begin to venture outside once more, we must be careful on the harmful effects nature can have on our bodies.  Dr. Jacueline Berens talks healthy to Dr. Jesse and Dr. Zach about the more harmful effects many of the harsh chemicals can have on out body's and provides...